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Thank you for an amazing summer working at Camp Orah! I really appreciate you helping us deal with our campers in any hard situation. I really look up to your positivity and kindness to every one of your campers!

Chana P.

Dear Sarah Esther,
Where do I start? Thank you so much for everything, for giving me a job the past few years, and trusting me with everything, for valuing my opinion’s and most of all for being not only my director but also for being a friend and mentor to me. You always give me much needed advice and I really learned a lot from you. I learned so much from the way you deal so well with the parents, children, and counselors . You always stay so calm, and deal with one problem at a time, as needed. I always have the best memories from Camp Orah!! Thank you again!

Sarah B.

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Camp Orah offers a wonderful opportunity for teenagers looking for a summer job in a fun environment. Whether this is your first job or you have worked in camps for years, Camp Orah has many positions for responsible caring individual looking to make a difference and have a positive influence on others!

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